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Pantaloni de in

Da...si pantalonii de in pot fi chic si fashion. Mie cel putin imi plac foarte mult si parerea mea este ca se pot asorta usor si sunt si super confortabili. Eu am ales sa port in acest outfit o pereche de pantaloni de in pe alb, lungi si larguti. I-am asortat cu un clutch auriu… Continue reading Pantaloni de in

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(Ro) Insfarsit am reusit si eu sa postez lookul meu FESTIVAL. Pozele sunt facute de ceva vreme dar laptopul meu m-a lasat balta... sper sa va placa! Astept pareri. Va pup cu drag! (En) Finally got my post up with my FESTIVAL look on my blog. I had the photos taken for a while but… Continue reading Festival


A Closer Look at the Beauty of Romania

Romania is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Romania is located in the southeast-central point of Europe, bordering Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, and Bulgaria. The scenic landscapes and mythical castles give Romania a distinctive look, which distinguishes it apart from other European countries. Click for more pictures http://www.ba-bamail.com/Content.aspx?emailid=13023&MemberId=0 (from… Continue reading A Closer Look at the Beauty of Romania